Netflix Announces Crackdown On Vpn Users

Netflix Announces Crackdown On Vpn Users

November 20, 2018 Off By poly3d

Netflix-US is the most desired and beloved online streaming channel in the world people from every region of the world use it as their prime online streaming choice because of its huge library of content which includes movies, famous TV serials, videos, kids’ shows, Sitcoms, documentaries etc. apart of that it also serve Netflix original TV shows which are hit among its viewers, but sadly not all Netflix lovers are lucky enough to get the access of all the content like US residents do, as Netflix only serves selective content for many countries of the world due to follow content licensing agreement between Netflix and its Media production lobby, which Netflix has to follow willingly or unwillingly.

Due to that for so many years millions of Netflix subscribers from all around the globe use VPN or Proxy tools to hide their original IP address and fake it with a US IP address to unlock all the exclusive content the Netflix US library contains, but recently after the immense pressure from the content providers, that are media giants, Netflix has announced and started a crackdown against all the Netflix users who use any content unblocking tool like VPN or any proxy service to access Netflix which created a huge disappointment among millions of Netflix viewers worldwide.

Netflix Users Backlashed

After this step of crackdown on VPN and proxy services by Netflix, huge contravention was observed among Netflix users all around the figure is in millions and users exclaimed their annoyance on all major social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and thousands of Netflix subscribers from all around the world reportedly said they use VPN for security and privacy purposes and to avoid geo-restriction of the content that is only on the basis of geographical location, that is not at all appreciated by any Netflix subscriber as they have a logical point that many people from different countries move to another country for work or any other reason, and they claim geo-restriction as an unfair reason to limit users access to their desired library of Netflix US from anywhere in the world which encourages them to use VPN and proxy services to get the access to Netflix US and enjoy all the content from any region of the world.

Netflix Crackdown On Vpn Opens Doors For Piracy

As millions of Netflix subscribers are affected due to the Netflix crackdown on proxies and VPN services it created huge annoyance among the users as they faced �?’Access Denied’’ message whenever they want to watch something on Netflix that is not available for their country, this vexatious situation led them to say Goodbye to the Netflix and forced them to use Torrents and P2P file sharing medium to download and watch the content for free even though it is not legitimate in major countries of the world, but as we have heard every action has its reaction’ this was expected to happen, this not only cuts down and degraded Netflix profit margin but also created a minus sign, which means millions of unhappy viewers which is not a good thing for any business, but Netflix has its own terms according to which they have to prove to the content providers which included many Hollywood studios as well, that they have a huge respect for the content licensing agreement which only allows them to serve particular and selective content to various countries of the world, no matter how much price they have to pay for it even on the cost of losing millions of customers globally.

Netflix Stance On The Vpn Crackdown

Netflix addressed this issue in public by defending their step saying that they respect our content licensing agreement and started the VPN and proxy crackdown to cease users’ access to content that is not licensed for their territory and showed positive hopes for the future and promised steps to expand same library of content as served in US library to majority regions, but stated the fact that they are unable to do it in current scenario due to complexities involved in content licensing in different regions of the world.

Good News for the VPN Users

To a great relief for all the Netflix users who use a Netflix VPN to access the US library of Netflix even after the crackdown, not all VPN services are affected many top level VPN are still actively used by millions of users to access Netflix from any region of the world. No wonder Netflix remained quiet about the technical aspects that how it will expand its block, which is undoubtedly intentional as Netflix stated a very vague announcement titled �?’Evolving proxy detection’’ in which an uncertain and vague time-frame is given to make changes in detecting and blocking of VPN and proxies which show a leniency and Netflix need to roll back the implementation as it caused it major financial loss.