Data Recovery Crucial As Toronto Teams Up On Ransomware With Rest Of Canada And Usa

The criminal act of locking a computer remotely with the use of software programs created to release only when a payment has been made – ransomware, has become a big threat to the free use of computers around the world. Recently, a hospital in Toronto has brought the world together in efforts to put an end to the attacks. A hospital in Los Angeles, USA was hit by the same breed of attacks and only regained access to their systems after paying an $18 500 ransom. After such attacks, data recovery, Toronto and US based centers would be critical to regaining the productive levels previously worked at. Continue reading “Data Recovery Crucial As Toronto Teams Up On Ransomware With Rest Of Canada And Usa”

Zenhub Launches Project Management – Devs Will Benefit From

A lot of developers can feel elated with the news that a home built solution to many developer’s project management pains has been developed into GitHub, a platform already used by many to version their applications. ZenHub Epics, still the only such application that can be integrated with GitHub, will become available for teams working in the popular development platform and will be a tool for project management Toronto creatives are set to adopt gladly. Continue reading “Zenhub Launches Project Management – Devs Will Benefit From”

Trenchless Repair Tips For Earthquake Damaged Pipes


An earthquake can cause extensive damage to a homeowner’s pipe system. Because the plumbing and sewer lines are in the ground, seismic activity affects them directly. In addition, earthquakes can cause shifting of the home’s foundation and damage the walls.

A homeowner must deal with myriad problems after an earthquake. Plumbing problems are right at the top of the list.

It is a time when quality repair work is essential. But so many repairs are needed all at once to get the house back into usable condition. The result is often financial overwhelm, major stress and frustration from not knowing which solution to choose. Continue reading “Trenchless Repair Tips For Earthquake Damaged Pipes”

What Are The Advantages Of Sewer Video Inspections?

A few decades ago, when a plumber needed to inspect or determine where the sewer line was damaged, a lot of guess work had to be done. This led to the digging up of the yard in order to find the problem. For a home owner who has invested a lot in landscaping the yard, you know how painful it is to see your yard being damaged. The worst thing about this method was that it relied on the knowledge of the home owner. Here is the problem; if the house has been down passed from one generation to another then this means the current occupants would not know where the sewer pipe was laid.

Thank to advanced technology today, home owners don’t have to worry about their yard being damaged and being turned into a construction zone. Not only is it expensive to make the repairs but it creates a bad image. Continue reading “What Are The Advantages Of Sewer Video Inspections?”