Zenhub Launches Project Management – Devs Will Benefit From

Zenhub Launches Project Management – Devs Will Benefit From

November 20, 2018 Off By poly3d

A lot of developers can feel elated with the news that a home built solution to many developer’s project management pains has been developed into GitHub, a platform already used by many to version their applications. ZenHub Epics, still the only such application that can be integrated with GitHub, will become available for teams working in the popular development platform and will be a tool for project management Toronto creatives are set to adopt gladly. The company behind the project management tool is only in it’s infancy but seems to be strategically sound, this is because their move will have many open source drooling for it’s set success.

ZenHub Launches Project Management

Majority of developers will attest to their limited focus when project management issues come into play in projects, and they almost always do. Now the project management tools have followed the devs and this marriage is set to see productivity levels in GitHub rise.

The small developer company behind the tool seem to have struck gold with this application, the Jet Propulsion Lab guys at NASA have moved from their previous project management tools to ZenHub Epics, and with them a lot of users are flowing. Starbucks is another big name now using ZenHub, so is Adobe, VmWare and Docker. All these code strong houses can’t be collectively wrong for making this move now can they?

Asked what is powering the migration, most developers mentioned how easy the new ZenHub Epics make code the main focus of the project management activity, while legacy project management tools place stringent data restrictions on assets, delaying productivity. The added advantage of working inside the same application (GitHub) as being used to manage the actual work, makes tracking team efforts a lot less like work.

The developers of the Epics creation tool, ZenHub, are said to have realized the gap that users had to jump over by opening an external application in order to alert team members about the progress of projects. Now the project management Toronto companies can attach into their code development tasks has come, and a lot of good is expected since the company behind it look to make changes set to make the tracking of projects a lot seamless to the projects being managed in the near future.

Testing the integration ourselves, it became a lot clearer why the application had gotten as much traction as reported. A simple addon to the browsers most developers work in, Chrome and Firefox, and the ZenHub Epics application tabs will be added to the interface of the usual GitHub dashboard setup. That is a lot easier that most project management tools’ starting processes.

Toronto based developers and the world over are set for a project management revolution, and simple is the new complicated, as the feature rich stand-alone tools of yesteryear see themselves shelved and being replaced by a really simple (3 tabs only) option. But then developers haven’t always been the easiest people to work with now have they.