New Innovations From Aruba Optimize Wireless Connections

New Innovations From Aruba Optimize Wireless Connections

November 20, 2018 Off By poly3d

Aruba recently announced frontier breaking software and some hardware components that are scheduled to change the way we do networking. For one, the idea of Skype for business running at high definition quality as well as other applications on a channel supporting up to 1 Gb of data to flow each second! Yes, you read it correct the first time. That is around the speed necessary to download a full movie or large software application in 1 second, much like bringing the internet and all files therein to your local storage.

Wireless Connections

The device – Aruba 330, much like other devices in the same market runs on the 802.11 tech that we all know but support up to 1.7 Gbps options of speed. This is serious speed and will not come at the low end of costs. The 330 series will need you to part with $1700 to make a part of your gear. Faster speeds can be attained by getting their range of switches, the 3810, which comes at a loud $4,300. This is reasonable investment value for corporations given the equipment and software upgrades come with buffed up security implemented to keep the cloud technologies used by many on a short leash and working at your terms.


The major advantage with Aruba’s hardware is their ability to manage plenty of wi-fi signals from the same access point. A typical organization’s campus could have more than 4 channels for individual signals and separate each depending on the SSID and their target users. This way, visitors can be on a separate monitored wave while employees work on another signal but all from one device. The security standards on such a device would have to be unpredictably high, monitoring and analytics can help optimize bandwidth and keep everyone performing at optimum levels.

One of their revolutionary network software applications, Clarity, will have oracle like abilities – fixing wifi connectivity issues well before the speed or even connection goes down at the user’s device. Some of the security upgrades and applications will come at no cost to already licensed users of their products.

If you have not heard about Aruba before this application, they are Cisco’s biggest second. With a sizable share on the market pie than the rest of the network infrastructure development companies.

This introduction of smart networking hardware could take us a step closer to the age of self diagnosing and remedying networks. Much to the pleasure of companies and IT managers whose tasks would have been made simpler.

The release of the products in this article is scheduled toward the end of the first half of the business year. A lot of time after that is available for us to expect new and exciting networking equipment from wither Aruba again or some of the market players – as long as networks become more secure and better at speeds, we don’t have any problem with what the future looks to bring. Do you?

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