What Are The Advantages Of Sewer Video Inspections?

What Are The Advantages Of Sewer Video Inspections?

November 20, 2018 Off By poly3d

A few decades ago, when a plumber needed to inspect or determine where the sewer line was damaged, a lot of guess work had to be done. This led to the digging up of the yard in order to find the problem. For a home owner who has invested a lot in landscaping the yard, you know how painful it is to see your yard being damaged. The worst thing about this method was that it relied on the knowledge of the home owner. Here is the problem; if the house has been down passed from one generation to another then this means the current occupants would not know where the sewer pipe was laid.

Thank to advanced technology today, home owners don’t have to worry about their yard being damaged and being turned into a construction zone. Not only is it expensive to make the repairs but it creates a bad image.

So, What Are The Advantages Of Sewer Video Inspections?

Improved Accuracy

Unlike traditional methods where experts dug around the yard looking for the problem only to leave different holes all over, ndt pipeline inspection provide accuracy for the plumber. The video inspection system is composed of a monitor and a fiber optic camera that crawls through the sewer pipe displaying all cracks or blockages that the sewer line may have.

When you opt for video inspection, the plumber will have multiple perspectives as there are systems that have three separate cameras. The video system also records the footage it has captured which can be used for further investigation and for looking for other underlying problems.

The camera system relays HD video footage providing clear and crisp video footage as well as allowing the operator to zoom in and out which provides clear focus for any chosen area. Additional scanning options like side scanning and laser dimensional scanning provide a more detailed understanding of the damage and other defects.


Unlike traditional methods of identifying a problem which involved a lot of guess work, with sewer video inspection, the job done will be efficient and results will be provided immediately. The camera system offers real time footage as well as recording the unfolding events providing the plumber and the home owner with footage to view later and identify any other underlying problems that they may have been missed earlier.

Three types of cameras are used in this scenario and they include:

a. Push camera – These devices are agile and can be lowered into the sewer line and pushed through to provide different views. They are designed to fit in tubes that are smaller than 6 inches.

b. Crawler cameras – this are the most common systems used by experts and they are loved as they can be controlled remotely.

c. The pipeline – inspection gauge mounted cameras are designed to record and have LEDs which provide light for the camera in order to capture and relay video footage showing even the tiniest details. This type of system is beneficial as it can be used without interfering with the flow of the sewer line.

Saves Money

If you were to hire a contractor who still relies on traditional methods that require a lot of guess work when it comes to identifying a problem, then you will have to incur the costs of repairing your own yard to make it look better than before. Apart from that, the digging will require the soil to be filled back and in order for the soil to compact, small craters will be left which means you will have to dig some other place to find soil that will be used to fill the craters. This means that you will have to incur a lot of expenses.

With video inspection systems, no digging is required which means that your yard will be left intact. The little soil that will be removed to find a path for the camera will be filled without any problems. As the home owner, you will save money as you will finally have the problem identified, repaired immediately thanks to trenchless repair methods.

Very Safe

Different governing bodies have come up with policies that govern how sewer workers enter or even maintain the lines. This has been done in order to ensure safety as experts have been able to find out that workers expose themselves to danger without knowing.

For example, you may find that the entry is not feasible which is brought about by dimension constrictions. When inspecting larger pipes, the probability of coming into contact with toxic gases is very high. With video inspection, you can search for the problem safely above ground which means you will not expose yourself to toxic gases and other dangers.

Final Thoughts

Video inspection systems have become a blessing to plumbers as they are cost effective, safe, efficient and accurate. No longer do you need to engage in guesswork to find where the problem is.