Trenchless Repair Tips For Earthquake Damaged Pipes

Trenchless Repair Tips For Earthquake Damaged Pipes

November 20, 2018 Off By poly3d


An earthquake can cause extensive damage to a homeowner’s pipe system. Because the plumbing and sewer lines are in the ground, seismic activity affects them directly. In addition, earthquakes can cause shifting of the home’s foundation and damage the walls.

A homeowner must deal with myriad problems after an earthquake. Plumbing problems are right at the top of the list.

It is a time when quality repair work is essential. But so many repairs are needed all at once to get the house back into usable condition. The result is often financial overwhelm, major stress and frustration from not knowing which solution to choose.

Handling Pipe Problems After A Quake

You might be pressured to have your pipe system excavated and simply replaced as quickly as possible. This can be tempting because you will be taking some direct action to fix the problem.

But this is not always the best approach. Conventional methods can take a great deal of time and are very labor intensive. What is left of your landscaping may end up getting destroyed because the contractor needs to dig multiple trenches throughout the yard to locate the pipes and replace them.

It is not uncommon for this method of pipe replacement to take many days and even weeks to be finished. The additional cost of restoring your landscaping probably it less cost-effective than you originally thought.

The Benefits Of Trenchless Technology

A modern method that has become more popular over the last 15 years is called trenchless technology. If works especially well if the pipe system has collapsed. This is a common occurrence, resulting from an earthquake.

The way it works is much less invasive. The contractor just needs to dig two holes to access your collapsed pipe system. Your lawn and garden stay just the way they are. The contractor doesn’t need to excavate your yard so they are not damaged.

Called pipe bursting, this trenchless method is much quicker than conventional methods, as well as less invasive. Bursting heads are inserted through your damaged pipes using holes that have been created by specialized boring equipment. The old pipe is fragmented and a new pipe is drawn through the old pipe.

The work can be done in a single day, often in just a few hours. This gets your home life one big step back to normality, much more quickly than standard methods.

Features Of Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a versatile approach to major pipe replacement. It saves time, labor and materials. It doesn’t matter what type of pipe was damaged during the earthquake, pipe bursting can replace it. It works on pipes of all diameters and composition.

This method works on a wide range of materials, including:

  • Cement
  • PVC
  • Copper
  • Clay
  • Orangeburg pipe
  • Steel
  • Iron

Not Just For Earthquakes

This method can be used for a variety of problems, including pipes damaged from corrosion, deteriorating from old age and long use, root intrusion, offsets and joint failures, and poor maintenance or problems resulting from bad installation practices.

If you need pipes replaced due to an earthquake or other problem, pipe bursting and other trenchless methods offer a number of advantages over conventional methods.