7 Sales Automation Solutions That Reduce Manual Data Entry

7 Sales Automation Solutions That Reduce Manual Data Entry

July 18, 2020 Off By poly3d

Having to input data entry into the CRM system is the bane of everyone’s existence. Very rarely will you ever meet anyone who states that they love to sit at the computer and input data for any length of time. 

Strategies when it comes to the CRM fail for many reasons—usually more than one reason at any given time. Some of the reasons include lack of manager guidance, technical support that is insufficient, and users who just do not adapt well to the CRM and how it works. The list of why there are glitches in the CRM goes on and on and there are just too many to mention here.CRM data entry automation done manually creates irritation that can be minor and persistent contributes to the failures that take place. Manual data entry adds frustration, learning curves, and adds a higher level of data management. 

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What you do not want to happen is to have your sales team disapprove of the CRM because they are convinced, they can do a better job not using the system put in place. But, if the CRM is so outdated that you are getting ready for a disruption in your business, start smiling because there are alternatives that are easier. There are great options out there that will make your sales team happy and meet all the requirements needed for the business needs.

Solutions for Sales Automation 

Below is a list of solutions for automation of sales that will reduce data entry manual input. With your teams not having to spend time on data entry there is less of a learning curve, better data accuracy, and work that is more productive. 

  • Add contacts with a single click or automatically. The automated system will automatically fill the required fields. 
  • Email tracking that is taken care of without all the clicks that a manual data entry system would take. 
  • Optimize marketing to the fullest degree. Teams can figure out what is working and what does not work in the workflow. 
  • Increase and drive revenue by using risk-adjusted forecasts and real-time data signals. 
  • Automate activity capture -such as emails, meetings, new accounts, and more. This saves your sales from having to find the information and add it into the CRM. 
  • Automated lead management is like having most of the work done for the reps and managers. Having everything in the same place keeps everyone on track and knowing where the sale stands.
  • Real-time coaching from managers to reps helps to increase sales. Having the ability to get real-time texts allows sales managers to help their sales reps where and when it is needed. This helps to reduce data entry and allows the team to be on the same page. 

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Sales automation solutions are getting better by the day. By incorporating automated data entry software solutions your sales reps are doing what they do best and that is making sales and forming relationships with clients and customers.

SalesDirector’s AutoScribe Offer 100% Automation

Looking for the perfect sales automation tool to help reduce manual data entry? Want a tool that does not take a team of professionals to set up? AutoScribe offers the best of all worlds. There is no complicated set up with client-side plugins. Simply set the tool up and your team is ready to use it without a frustrating learning curve. 

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AutoScribe Works for the Team

AutoScribe works with GSuite or Office365/Exchange to make it easy. When used with Salesforce there is no loss of data and the added ability to get real-time data that can be used when and where it is needed with no long waits.