Five Reasons Why Park Benches Are Important

Five Reasons Why Park Benches Are Important

July 23, 2020 Off By poly3d

Staff seating is important for positive work environments.

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Nearly half of US states have laws requiring meal breaks for employees. This simple measure goes a long way towards preventing staff burnout and keeping employees satisfied. Dedicated break spaces help employees disconnect from work and recharge. This is especially true with outdoor break spaces, as studies show that fresh air lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and even improves mental focus

A 2012 study sought to examine the effect of the color green on creativity. Subjects were given a creatively challenging task before which half of them were briefly shown a green rectangle, and the other half a white one. Subjects who viewed the green rectangle scored more positively on their tasks. This and other experiments within the same study led researchers to the conclusion that exposure to green stimulates creativity.

Along this same vein, a University of Michigan study gave subjects a memory test. Between the time when subjects were provided the information they’d later need to remember and when they were tested on this information, half of them were instructed to walk down a city path, and half down a garden path. The subjects who were given the more natural walking path performed better on the memory test, suggesting that time spent outdoors also improves short term memory. 

Fostering positive break spaces for employees can be as easy as making sure outdoor spaces are equipped with the proper site furnishings. For instance this includes seating equipment like picnic tables and park benches

Park benches are important for accommodating all ages.


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Even if your facility doesn’t have a traditional waiting area, it’s important to recognize that there are occasions when guests or customers will need a place to wait for others or rest. This is especially true for people with mobility issues such as the elderly. Neglecting areas for rest understandably increases stress for these kinds of visitors, resulting in negative customer experiences. 

While even the simplest park bench helps satisfy this need, park benches with backs are most useful for the elderly. 

Seating areas and park benches are important for families with young children.


Park Benche

Just as people with mobility issues depend on places to rest, parents with young children have this same need. Park benches provide a safe and convenient space where parents and guardians feel welcome to tend to their children before or after they enter a facility.  

When you fail to equip your property with park benches and rest zones, these populations feel excluded and unwelcome, even if subconsciously. This has a negative impact on customer experience. 

Park benches make visitors feel welcome.


Park benches


Parents and the elderly are not the only people who will appreciate proper seating in your facility. Just as colorful landscaping can contribute to the curb appeal of real estate properties, this same effect can happen with your business. 


A customer’s first impression as they enter your facility is largely affected by the environment you present to them. Empty or dirty spaces make customers feel uncomfortable or even unsafe. On the other hand, welcoming spaces give them a positive feeling about your business as a whole. Supplying simple park benches for outdoor seating is an easy way to set a welcoming tone.

Providing waiting areas for unengaged shoppers allows engaged shoppers to linger. 

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Nothing abbreviates a shopping trip like an impatient partner. This is yet another reason why ample seating should be provided both inside and outside of your facility. Providing unengaged shoppers with comfortable places to wait can add significant time to the engaged shoppers’ visit, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.


As demonstrated above, indoor and outdoor park benches are both important for fostering positive experiences for employees and visitors alike by giving them comfortable and inviting spaces to wait or rest.