How to Get More Conversions Using Online Forms?

How to Get More Conversions Using Online Forms?

April 26, 2019 Off By poly3d

Your conversion funnel is on point, your website’s design is par excellence, and your content is relevant and engaging. However, there is one more hoop that prospects need to go through before you can convert them into leads, subscribers or buyers. And, unfortunately, it is a step that most business owners tend to neglect.

We are talking about online forms.

Let’s be honest for a second: no one likes to fill up an online form. The challenge becomes increasingly difficult if the form is poorly optimized, extremely long, or poorly designed.

The good news is that there is a solution (well, multiple solutions, actually.) Here’s what you need to do to boost your conversion rate using online forms.

Place Your Form above the Fold

Location, location, location – it’s an old adage in the real estate market that fits the world wide web just as well. Reports show that engagement levels peak above the fold, so placing critical elements there, such as CTA buttons, online forms, and so on increase the chances that prospects will click on them and take action.

Let Prospects Know What to Expect

Picture this: you read an interesting article about common gardening mistakes and now you want to purchase the ebook that promises to teach you how to plant a vegetable garden. You’re halfway through the form when you are asked to provide some information that you don’t have on hand. Evidently, you give up the process and start looking for another resource.

Begin with a starting page that tells users what information they will need to complete the form. That way you can ensure that prospects have everything available and won’t abandon the page in frustration.

Keep It Simple

An online form isn’t the place to showcase your web design skills. Simplicity is the best strategy here, so try to keep distractions to a minimum. That means, don’t add any unnecessary fields or buttons and try to keep everything as simple as possible.

If the form is rather long, break it into multiple pages to keep users engaged. Consider using a progress indicator too that tells prospects how many pages the form has, at which step they currently are and how much they have until the end.

Offer a Reward

Incentivizing prospects to fill up your online forms is another great strategy that could help you increase conversion rates. Offer access to exclusive content, a trial period for a useful tool or a discount in exchange for completing the form.

Give Users the Option to Save and Finish Later

This tip works perfectly for long forms that most users don’t have the patience to fill in one sitting. By giving them the option to save their progress and return later, you reduce abandon rates.

Over to You

Try these methods to optimize your online forms and increase the chances of conversion. Remember that your goal is to simplify your prospects’ work and encourage them to complete your form.