7 Tricks to Find Best Online Car Rental Deals

7 Tricks to Find Best Online Car Rental Deals

May 11, 2019 Off By poly3d

So, you want the inside scoop on how to get the best car rental deals online! We get asked about this quite often and have compiled this list of 7 tricks to help you out.


  1. Compare, compare, compare

It seems very straight forward to say compare, compare, compare, and it is. The only way to be completely sure that you are getting the best car rental deals online is to compare.  That way you can be sure that you have got the right deal for you.


     2. Book early enough

Just like airlines, the car rental companies have better prices the earlier you book. So if you are planning a trip, I usually recommend to book your car the same day as your flights, and then you can get the best deal possible. If there could be a doubt over your travel plans, you can always pick a car rental booking that offers free cancellation, so you will not be out of pocket, should your plans go awry.  


    3. Keep an eye out for special offers

As a natural born bargain hunter, I love a good deal and always keep a close eye out for the special offers. The offers could include a free additional driver, a free kids seat or navigation system in the car, or an upgrade to the Buy your next tesla car, or zero excess on your car rental insurance. All of which make paying for your booking a little bit sweeter.


  4. Pick up type

When you are looking for the best car rental deal online, a big factor on price is the pickup type that you choose. In some locations, it doesn’t impact on the price, but in bigger airport locations many car rental providers have moved their main hub of cars offsite. This means that you would usually have to take a free shuttle provided by the rental company to pick up your car. For this reason, the price of terminal pickups is usually more expensive than an offsite pickup. So, if you are looking to get the best car rental deal, then this is often a good place to save money.


   5. Fuel Policy

There are a number of different fuel policies on rental cars, they vary from “full to full” or “half full to half full” or “full to empty”. I personally am a fan of the “full to full”, that way I am sure that when I pick up a car for my onward trip, it is full, and when I drop it back, I need to refuel to full shortly before. With the others fuel policies, while they may not impact on the price I pay for my rental, but I can still end up paying more for my rental because if I return with too little fuel I may get a penalty, or if I overfill, I am giving the rental company the fuel!


6. Use a comparison engine

This to me is a no-brainer. I want to compare all the car rental companies on just one website, type my travel dates and locations in just once, and I want to see the offers presented to me in a way that is easy to compare.  This allows me to play around with the dates, times, pick up type, fuel policy, car size and so on, and then I am sure that I have bagged myself the best car rental deal online.


7. What Car rental excess does your booking have

We often compare the best car rental prices online and look at just the prices on the screen, but we forget to compare the car rental excess. This is usually found under the terms and conditions or the insurance details of your booking. This is a way for the car rental company to block an amount of money on your credit card, and should you have an accident while driving, they use this money as your contribution to the insurance. If you want your balance on your credit for use on your holiday, then this is something to be aware of before you book.


I hope this helped, good luck getting your best car rental deal & short term health insurance online!