How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Pittsburgh

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Pittsburgh

October 12, 2019 Off By poly3d

Today, laser hair removal is actually one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Because it’s a “non-surgical” procedure, it may not seem like there’s any preparation required. But that’s not the case – removing body hair with a laser device definitely requires preparation.

Properly preparing for laser hair removal has a number of benefits: preparation can help to avoid treatment pain; it can help to protect your skin; and it can certainly contribute to a smooth procedure. In fact, preparing for laser hair removal is really about “what not to do”.

Preparing for your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Preparing for laser hair removal is basically a combination of DOs and DON’Ts. Our handy preparation guide will help you to pre-plan for the treatment and ensure optimal success.

YOU SHOULD inform your medial professional of medications that you’re taking. There are some medications (also non-prescription) that are incompatible with laser hair removal.

YOU SHOULD shave before your laser removal appointment. Professionals suggest shaving one day before your procedure, so that the laser treatment does not target surface skin.

YOU SHOULD take over-the-counter pain medication prior to treatment. While treatment pain is typically minimal, some patients might want to reduce pain during the procedure.

YOU SHOULD shower before treatment to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. After showering, the skin should be free of any skin care products, particularly around the treatment area.

YOU SHOULD wear protective eyewear (provided by your health professional). Protective eyewear helps to avert eye damage that could be caused by the very bright laser light.

YOU SHOULD protect your skin immediately after treatment. This will ensure long-lasting results and maintain your skin condition. Post-treatment maintenance may be suggested.

YOU SHOULD NOT wax or tweeze the treatment area. Laser hair removal focuses on your hair shafts in order to destroy hair follicles. Waxing/tweezing compromise this process.

YOU SHOULD NOT use depilatory cream on the treatment area. The chemicals might irritate your skin, making it hypersensitive to the laser, potentially making the treatment painful.

YOU SHOULD NOT sun tan BEFORE laser hair removal. Ultraviolet light (from the sun or a tanning bed) can make skin hypersensitive to a laser device (no tanning two weeks prior).

YOU SHOULD NOT tan AFTER laser hair removal. Post treatment, your skin is sensitive to ultraviolet light, so no tanning activity for a minimum of two weeks after laser treatment.

YOU SHOULD NOT be using any skin care products around the treatment are. This would include moisturizers, makeup products, antiperspirant, or powders (advice your team).

With laser hair removal it’s better to be safe

Like any medical treatment, it’s wise to ask your medical professional about any associated treatment risks. Every patient is unique, and every patient responds to laser hair removal in a different way. That’s why it’s important to inquire about the risks and to further weigh the risks against the benefits. In the end, it comes down to a personal decision for each patient.

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