How to Multi-Stream, Stream to Multiple Platforms

How to Multi-Stream, Stream to Multiple Platforms

March 18, 2019 Off By poly3d

A business or a brand that needs to flourish and survive if not do better in this competitive industry needs to stay ahead of the marketing strategies. The approaches to marketing keep changing and going through revolution, it is up to you as a business owner to keep updating yourself and seeking the in-depth knowhow of the same.

The marketing strategy in the present market is live stream animated explainer videos; and like any other approach, the larger ground you cover, the better the chances you get of reaching a far much wider audience of potential clients. As a strategist, you are to come up with a potential site that could attract more traffic.

How to live stream

Streaming live videos is believed to be the future of the world of internet. The best thing is that all you need for this to work is a camera and internet connection. The steps below will guide you on how to live stream once you have everything figured out and you are ready to go.

Find the best broadcasting site

Livestreaming is only possible if you have a host. The main duty of the host is to ensure that you are able to share your live stream with the rest of the population by providing the bandwidth. Sometimes you may require an encoder but most of the time you don’t.

Creation of a personalized account

In order to be able to stream on any given site, you will need an account. Most of the sites offer free account while others may require you to pay. Paid accounts have an advantage of ads free site which is a plus when it comes to the maximization of the views and views.

The signing in

Once you have an account, you can come up with a channel or a room depending on the site. Most of the sites have the options of “Broadcast Now” or “Go Live” button. When going live for the first time, you are supposed to allow the flash to access your webcam. Also, remember to check if the flash needs updating.

Initiate the live broadcast

On detecting the camera, you can automatically begin the broadcasting process. You can download a broadcasting software that will allow you to stream the videos at a high quality. Some of the sites that provide streaming services offer free streaming software or allow the third party like the use of the flash media.

The livestream should be embedded on your website should you have one which is advised for any given brand. this requires editing of your website which you can execute or contact your developer.

How to multi-stream

Also referred to as simulcasting, multi-streaming is the simultaneous streaming of one content to a number of platforms or broadcasting site at the same time. This is the perfect approach if you want to reach a wider audience or you are not sure where you can attract most audience especially when you are just starting.

There are various approaches to multi-streaming. These can be summed up as follows

The use of software

Some of the software that are used for streaming like Wirecast and vMix gives the user the option of streaming content to multiple sites. If you are considering using wirecast, you will need to use encoding settings with each given destination of a live video as presets. All that is required is the copy and paste of the RTMP and stream key values right into the software from the CDN.

But you should understand that the more streaming destinations you incorporate, the more the power and speed of processing and uploading that will be required. The result will be overused CPU and bandwidth which leads to buffering, dropped frames and delays in the video and audio. For you to multi-stream using a software, you will need a powerful machine and increased internet speed.

The use of the hardware

Pearl-2 and pearl mini are some of the hardware encoders that have the capabilities that ensures your live content reaches multiple destinations. Just like the software livestreaming, each content being streamed must be configured as it is using RTMP as well as stream key values from CDN.
It is important to note that using the hardware encoder to stream provides more reliability as compared to using the software part of the computer. We attribute this to the ability of the hardware to do all the heavy-duty work when it comes to the processing power. But either way, you will need strong internet should you desire a quick and quality livestream.

The use of cloud

Alternatively, you can opt to use a cloud based multi-streaming like the switchboard live. They are responsible for taking your stream and distributing it to all the destination platforms that you had chosen like YouTube, Facebook live, twitch as well as periscope. The cloud-based multi-streaming can also stream to more than two accounts of the same site or social media account.

The advantage side of this is that is seamlessly performs all the heavy work when it comes to the CPU and work. This makes it possible for you to be able to stream quality videos when you have a regular machine.

Streaming Platforms

When it comes to streaming, you go for what works for you as per your experience and exposure. You have to ease yourself into the platform. That is why we have broken this down as per the individual.

Beginners streaming platforms

If you have nil to low budget, these are some of the considerations you should much as they are not often mentioned in the more and likely productive apps, their impact on your brand should not be underestimated.

This platform includes more than 30 platforms that you will be free to simulcast but with a popularity that lies in YouTube and gain access to other channels, all you need is to subscribe to RTMP that will cost you $14.99 each month.

Restream Platforms

For only $4.99 each month, you can enjoy streaming your live videos to two channels from one platform at simultaneously.


If your business is just picking up and you are working on a very tight budget, then switchboard is for you. You will have an easy time working on the interface as no technical approach is required. The better is that they offer a 30-day trial where you can multi-stream to a maximum of 3 channels. If satisfied, you will be needed to pay $25 a month to stream to a maximum of 5 channels.

Teradek Core

This s the professional’s option when it comes to livestreaming. With Teradek core, you will have to largely invest in the encoders which vary from entry level that are perfect for live streaming to bigger encoders that grants you the power to livestream to specific destinations. The encoders are rated highly in terms of efficiency and reliability with a subscription fee that starts from $49.

Intermediate Users

With these tools, you will have to spent slightly more than in the entrant level but in return you will gain more control.

Streamshark enables you to simulcast to multiple destinations simultaneously. The catch is, you need to subscribe to at least the business plan and own a dedicated server. You will have to spent a chunk of $250 for business plan and $300 for a dedicated plan each month.


With Livestream platform, you can stream to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and Periscope simultaneously. The best part is that even if you have little bandwidth, you can still stream. On the other side, it can only be exploited by the enterprise users

Easy Live

This is the perfect solution for the B2B companies. It makes simulcasting easy given its turn-key based software.

Groovy Gecko

If you own or have a business or large company, then groovy gecko is your goldmine. Most of the companies use this platform to compliment the television broadcast. It gives you the freedom to add overlay. This is a very expensive approach obviously which may be around $4000.


The advantages of livestreaming all lies in the pursuit of getting the most out of exposure. Putting your brand out is through the use of multiple platforms that you as a grand are able to widen your reach and coverage, give a chance of engagement and get more traffic coming your way. Setting up a multi-stream is easy given the innovative and ever dynamic technology that missing on it will be a loss.